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Sonic the Hedgehog 2 signed by Yuji Naka


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There's no real way to say- the game itself has very little value, Sonic 2 is quite common- and gaming autographs just aren't something you find for sale terribly often. The auction noted in the listing was for a limited 10th anniversary dreamcast system, complete in box- which adds a fair bit more value than a common Genny cart.


Having spent much of my convention time over the years at autograph sessions, I can tell you right now- there's no telling what demand is. Most of the people getting autographs (at least at my cons) are more interested in their 30 seconds of face time than the actual signature. I know I'm not willing to just buy a signature if it's going to add any significant cost. If you want to go by a 'cheapest way to get about the same thing today' kind of thing, there's a signed copy of Sonic Heroes with a buy it now of $200 up right now. Aside from that... it's worth what someone wants to pay for it.

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The autograph was done with black permanent marker by Yuji Naka. This game belonged to a producer in Hollywood who died and this game was then sold at an estate sale in Hollywood many years ago. I acquired this recently and while I am a collector, I know there is someone out there who wants this thing more than I do. In 2012 a signature like this sold for $2499 on eBay! No reserve! Send me any questions, thanks.


I realize the seller has other listings for prototypes and such, so clearly is a collector. I'm leery for the bit about the estate sale. I've seen a ton of these on Ebay lately, coming from places in Minnesota or Main or whatever far, far away from Cali. Those other listings I think were auto-penned, and this could be as well.


However, without any documentation, this is my take with autographs..... Ask yourself, how much would I be willing to spend, if it turns out to be fake, and still not have a nervous breakdown? If you feel like you can throw $60 into the trash, then bid $60. Do NOT bid $600 because you think that's what it's worth.

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