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Monitor vs. Aux. Video (Adam)


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Is there any difference between the video quality of monitor out vs. aux. video out? I just tested both on a 1702 monitor and I think the monitor out is slightly better, but they are very close. However, the aux video out is easier to set-up in that it one cord (the other way I need two, with the aux video out audio only).

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Even thought there should be no difference since they share the same wiring inside, the MONITOR port (RCA port for video output only) does provide slightly better video than the AUXILLARY port (DIN connector that provides video and audio) and I use both ports (two cables) with my setup.... MONITOR for video output and AUXILLARY for audio output.


Probably the loss of video quality using the AUXILLARY port is due to the quality of the DIN Monitor Cable used. Also, IIRC, the AUXILLARY port taps into the MONITOR port for video, so that could explain the loss of quality.

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