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atari2600land's Blog - Mr. Ultra can walk now


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So I decided to make the title screen a little better by adding animation to Mr. Ultra so it seems like he's actually walking instead of just gliding along. I also made the cloud 16x8, but it's just two 8x8 sprites formed together. Anyway, I was asleep almost all day. I had to. I just was very sleepy for some reason. I wasn't sick or anything, just sleepy. Anyway, I am going to take a little break on Mr. Ultra since every time I work on it, I grow angrier and angrier (until it finally works). So anyway, here is an updated picture of the Mr. Ultra title screen. I wonder how big most Game Gear games are. Right now, the game is 32k. I wonder how much higher I can go on it. I have used 20% of bank 0 and almost all of bank 1 is free. When I am done with the game, I want to see and play it on a real Game Gear. I wonder if I can send someone a Game Gear cart and they can burn the game on a cart for me. I've had someone do that for the Virtual Boy. I wonder if it can be done on the Game Gear as well.

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