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Anyone ever finished Loadstar for Sega CD?


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I've tried to beat the first level a decent number of times, but it's just impossible. I always get lost in the games horrible maze of passages. With a map it'd be easy enough, but the game has no map and everything looks the same... it's crazy-hard. They could at least have put markers on the screen telling you where you should turn! It's a decent game with nice graphics and an amusing intro video, but that gameplay... argh.

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I too would love to hear from anyone who's beaten Loadstar, as I worked on it a while ago and couldn't get very far. I think I triggered a midpoint cutscene but couldn't quite finish the first level.


IIRC there are a couple winning playthroughs on YouTube, so it can be done. My guess is that it probably requires memorization and a "co-pilot" to tell you about upcoming turns and twists. My wife has helped me with a couple Sega CD games that'd be unplayable otherwise, as there's not enough time to look at a map, input commands, and deal with enemies at the same time.


What's the savegame function in this game, if any? I seem to remember that the manual wasn't clear on that point.

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