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Sneak 'n Peek: A Drama


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Briefly: I had a YouTube channel throughout most of 2013 called the Classic-Gaming Webcast. I deleted it when the evil Googles decided to force all members to join Google+. I don't do that "social networking" stuff, and I'll certainly never be forced into it, so I deleted the channel.


Anyway, this is just a fun Tuesday attempt to crack you guys up for no apparent reason. Levity is good. :D




(Any advice on embedding a video? Using the special tag "media" doesn't appear to work.)

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Copyright-based deletions still seem to be common complaints. In any case, it appears that one still has to sign up with Google+, create a G-Mail account, etc. if he wants to respond to comments on his films (or comment on anyone else's). Does anybody have experience with Vimeo? Is it just as lame as YouTube has become?



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