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Atari Video Pinball on The Buddy System


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A little bit late here, but cool video! I'd point out that with the Basketball game, you have to "dribble" the ball a few times before you shoot it, otherwise you won't get enough height on the ball to get it into the hoop. It's pretty tricky but fun when you get the hang of it.

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I'm glad they played through on the pinball game after they knocked all the drop targets down ....


they didn't score at all in the basketball games & got frustrated with it .... I would think if they weren't shooting video they would have played through


Breakout a great game too .... I haven't cleared a 2'nd screen yet but did get there ...

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Hey guys,


Thanks for the feedback! Pleasure to make everyone's acquaintance (been meaning to set up an account here for some time now).


AtariAge members might enjoy my show SimplerTimes--especially once I start producing more episodes for it. There'll be plenty of mentions and nods to early-day Atari.

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None that I am aware of. Not even sure what the "guts" of this are. Listings show two custom Atari chips in there, most likely an ASIC version of discrete custom logic like the original home Pong was.

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Just so you have your curiosity satisfied, when you launch a new ball, the eighth time it hits the paddle it will launch at a very shallow angle ... unless you manage to hit one of the red bricks, first. Think they also had that same timing on the Breakout cartridge for the 2600, though I'm not sure.


I used to really enjoy the three hoop basketball game, but never liked the one hoop.


I'd like to play one of these again, some day.

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