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Alternate power adapter for the 4-port Atari 5200?


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I just got a 4-port Atari 5200 off eBay. The seller bundled with a two-port system power supply rather than the proprietary one from Atari. I didn't know about this two-port and four-port versions of the Atari 5200 until today.
Is there an alternative power supply solution (without acquiring specially made one by Atari) for the 4-port version of the Atari 5200?


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So then 11.5v from 2 port will fry a 9.3v 4 port

No it won't. I have a 2 port and 4 port model 5200. I only have one ac adapter and it is from the 2 port model and I use it all the time for my 4 port console which is the one I regularly use. It won't fry anything. As long as it is a power supply that is DC with 9-12 volts.

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Retrogamer is right. The voltage regulator inside the 5200 is rated for at least a 12v input and will output to the needed voltages the 5200 requires. I too use a 11.5v supply with my 4 port units and never had a problem in well over 10 years of use!

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