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Classic games with smooth controls & animation

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Classic games that have smooth controls & animation:


The Super Mario Bros. game series on NES are a given. Many NES games have smooth, refined controls and are well-animated.


Jungle Hunt on ColecoVision is another one. Your pith-helmet-wearing character controls as smooth/refined as on a good NES game. Jumping is smooth and well-animated. The falling boulders and crocodiles animate well. Swinging ropes move as smooth as windshield wipers. Looks like everything was done in a high framerate for smoothness. Even the side-scrolling was pretty decent. Very impressive for it's time!

Other versions of Jungle Hunt at the time have choppier, more 'computer-y' looking animation -- like they were done at a much lower framerate. They also don't control as well.



Post some examples of smooth animated/controlled games and discuss :!:



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Pac-Land from 1984 is one that has smooth controls and animation. It is one of the early side scrolling platformers before Super Mario Bros. Pac-Man's walking, running, and jumping animation is perfect, the controls are spot on, overall it is a fun game and doesn't get the recoginition that it deserves due to the fact that a Pac-Man game is a maze filled game chomping on pellets and being chssed by ghosts. While Pac-Land is sort of a spin off type game and to try out what a full platformer game would be like.

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