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October Specials and Preview Upcoming new Covers/Updated


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Ah, October and finally some decent weather!


:? :? **** Wanted**** Colecovision steering wheel module and an Adam Computer=empty cases, contact me thru PM for

details. :? :?


I also have more of the NES anniversary covers available now.


To celebrate, I have some fall specials and a preview of some new covers.

The specials:


Mattel Aquarius Dustcover $16.00 2 Available


Atari 400 Red or White $16.00 1 of each available


Atari 5200 plus Trakball $30.00= for 2 covers 1-set available


Atari Jaguar CD Red Letter $17.50 1- Available

Atari 2600 Jr. $15.00 1- Available


Sears Video Arcade $17.00 **Looks like a 7800** 2 -Available


Sega Mega-Drive $16.50 1- Available


Sega Mega-Drive II $15.00 1- Available


Colecovision with Mod 1 and Roller Controller $45.00 1-Set available


Buy any 3, and shipping will be free!


Otherwise normal shipping in US is about $3.75.


Ok, new covers coming probably end of Oct.or early Nov. See attached pictures


Intellivision III




Tele Games **For Atari heavy 6 and the regular 4/6 switch console


Super Video Arcade(Sears version of Intellivision)

If you have interest in these, shoot me a pm.




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I like the loose-fitting covers you two made for my Jaguar systems so much, that I wouldn't mind something like that for some of my audio gear. A couple of turntables in particular any chance you and Barb would be willing to take on such special requests like that if I gave you the dimensions?


Instead of video game logo's could embroider the manufacturer logos. :love:


post-13896-0-89884800-1443997046_thumb.png post-13896-0-73186900-1443997048.jpeg

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I have her so stacked with work, she's started calling me master! And her work area is the slave station :-o


I know this is supposed to be in jest (bad taste, same as joking about Holocaust IMO), but it could be very offensive to some members.

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