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New Atari game port WIP: Total Eclipse


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Hi everybody,


Here is a preview of my next C64 -> Atari 8bit port: Total Eclipse.







Game quite working, so you can make Egypt trip on your Atari in full 3D (tested on Altirra only, but I believe it will work on real Atari). Requires 64KB RAM.


For now 3D view should be correct - status area in game window is not updated at all at the moment.


Any comments, suggestions, propositions of improvements are welcome!


Kudos for Jose for converting some graphics from C64!


Enjoy :)


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Very nice.


Seems the flicker lines appear only , if the display isn't changing. While moving around, the flicker stops.

Possibly some artefact of the engine, using character alignment on the C64?


Columns are done with PMG (so I can use 32bytes screen for speed and also have different colors for 3D section and status panels) so this is probably not the case. Maybe something with PMG DMA?

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I think that know what it is, I discouver it when I got home and load but had to go out again.

Yes, for me is also PMGs the cause.

Remember that we have all higher screen the Missiles as 5th Player?

Yes this you did on your code but we are using two of them one on each side's collums and the two remaining I put them at the bottom as the top line of the bottle liquid. You have to yPos update it according to less or more liquid. This you can do later but now please also put these two Missiles in quadruple width like the other two on the sides (are those two lines inside the bottle) ;).

If isn't this then at least this is also to change because here you also have a conflict.



P.s.- Will you keep the two text/symbols/hyerogliphs lines the same way as now or will you change them later to hi-res like on my proposal?

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Any comments, suggestions, propositions of improvements are welcome!


Great! Frame rate seems to be more than doubled compared to the C64. There is even more potential: If the status displays are made smaller and are rearranged so that they occupy less vertical space (in the ST version they are more compact) or formed by PMG the ANTIC DMA load could be reduced and frame rate increased without affecting game play...


BTW: I appreciate your efforts a lot, but is any of your ports (Bobby Bearing, Fairlight, Great Escape) about to be finalized? Not that I not understand that making huge steps with new ports is more fun than fiddling a lot around to get little effect... ;)

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Awesome work guys!

Can this be played till the end ? Would love to do it, as I've never finished C64 version, probably because of 'speed' ;)


ps. Any room for double buffering ? Those 'swipes' look strange like multiple horizontal bands filling at the same time. Is it some copy routine or eor-filler of some kind ?

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