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Did the Atari 400 ever come with 800 style keyboard?


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Aftermarket keyboard. Most likely a B-Key unit, do a search here for that.


Actually I'll just link you to the appropriate thread http://atariage.com/forums/topic/218223-atari-400-aftermarket-replacement-keyboard-thread/?p=2858997

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I grew up with the Atari 400 (1982-1989). I pondered that keyboard, but luckily my Dad hacked an XL keyboard to the 400 at some point.


I did however develop a typing style on the 400 that is about 70+ WPM. I never use my pinkies while typing. :D

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Hello to all of you who the owner of upper keyboard on Atari 400,


I have upper keyboard as "B-Key" stylish on my Atari 400 48K (I think). The only 1 missing is the a long metal to support below the "space bar". Yes, I do have space cap and pressing feature, only missing metal bar. So is ANY way to find the spare metal bar that similar to generic older version of PC keyboards. That might be very similar match lengths in millimeters, not in inches.


Will be big appreciated to help out ! :-D


Last thing, I would like to know what is called for this metal bar ? Many thanks ! :D

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