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3DS owners: Any new games on your radar?


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I was wondering if any 3DS owners are looking forward to end of year games or anything upcoming that they are, without a doubt, going to purchase. I've been going and picking up titles that have been released already (Zelda: The Link Between Worlds and Kirby: Triple Deluxe are my latest two), but what about in the near future? How about the Mario & Luigi game upcoming with Paper Mario? The new Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes sparking any interest? How about Indie games?


And if anyone picked up Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, what are your thoughts on that? It's been "so so" for me, not crazy with it but still enjoy picking it up once in awhile and working on new designs for the town or animal folk. I wasn't overly excited about it after I started playing around with it. Probably because my designer qualifications are way below par. And the Amiibo Cards craze seems to wipe out my local stores' stocks in a matter of days. ​Didn't I go through this with the Amiibo figures?


So anyway, let me know what you plan on getting in the near future so I also may consider it. Thanks for your input. :D







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There is lots of 3DS games I still need to buy but I will definately get Triforce Heroes and Hyrule Warriors Legends.


The kids both got Happy Home Designer when it was released her last week. They have played it non-stop since then. I have watched them play but I haven't played it myself. They are Animal Crossing addicts though and know a lot about the characters and items.


I also got the Amiibo reader for the 3DS which is great because we only need one and can share it. I've been using it for Smash Bros. and they use it for Happy Home Designer.


We attend a monthly 3DS streetpass meeting and this week they are going to starting doing Amiibo card trading too.

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Chibi Robo does look like a good title, especially if you can get it bundled with the Amiibo figure. Not sure how long it'll last on store shelves, though. Last I checked, my Gamestop still had a few retro Amiibo bundles (Duck Hunt, Mr. Game & Watch, ROB) in stock, which surprised me that they weren't gone the first day. I'm sure as of this post they are gone now.


I'd forgotten about the Hyrule Warriors game coming to the 3DS...that does look good, especially as a Zelda fan.

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Only Zelda.. although I've never been a huge fan of the "multi-player" Zeldas like 4-Swords, etc.. and this one looks like it's right out of that playbook. But whatever.. I'll snag it.


After that what I'm looking forward to is Starfox Zero on Wii U

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I'm hoping for more Sega 3D Classics like the upcoming Power Drive that Japan will be getting soon.


Despite some doubts, Zelda is one I'm sure I'll end up getting. Mega Man Legacy Collection next year is another sure buy, too.


I'd like to get Chibi Robo, but despite being a fan of the GCN original, it just seems so generic. The same with the upcoming Peanuts game, although we've only seen a trailer for it so far (Although if I were to get this one, I'd go with the Wii U version). I'm crossing my fingers that we end up with two decent 2D platformers here, but I'm skeptical.

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Project X Zone 2 is a must buy when it comes out. Loved the original!

And here's four good reasons I'm getting it.


Looks like the character roster has expanded a bit from last time I checked.


I was a bit irked when it was announced they were mixing Streets of Rage in, and instead of doing the extremely obvious pair unit of Axel and Blaze, they made Axel a solo unit. That struck me a such a fail. Combine that with using stupid Natsu from the pure distilled essence of fail which is Soul Calibur 5 instead of any of the iconic Soul characters. Ugh.


The initial two waves of announcements really didn't wow me. Now that Zephyr, Leanne, Kos-Mos, Reiji, and Xiaomu are confirmed to be returning, I'm recovering my interest in it.

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