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Willem Programmer Question


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Does anyone here use the Willem 5.0? I’m trying to burn some 27C160 Eproms with the willem, but I’m having some problems getting the thing to function. I’m using 98D11 software, and my system is a PII based system with Win98 with the unofficial Service pack.


I do not have any problems reading eproms. I do not see to have a problem writing to smaller size eproms, 27c512, 27c64, etc. I checked with a black the other day and it wrote and verified fine. This appears to strictly be an issue with larger size EPROMs requiring an adapter and using the A19-A23 breakout header.


I’ve tried it both with a full ribbon cable to the adapter, and with only the required address pins (thinking there may be a conflict with the logical address when using the other address lines).


My DIP-Switch settings are as they should be, as well as the header to the left. VCC and VPP voltages are set to 5V and 12.5V respectively. Tested all the Hardware pins to ensure that I don’t have a problem. Voltage is a little high, on the 13.5v side for VPP (however, within spec for the chips M27c160-100f). I have also tried writing with the other two VCC settings: 5.somthing and 6.2 ( I think that’s the voltage).


If someone is using this particular programmer, can you tell me exactly what your jumper settings are for successfully programming these 2M chips?

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