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AtariAge New Releases and Demos at PRGE!

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Here are photos of an assembled papercraft Star Castle arcade cabinet. The uncut, unfolded version is included in every Star Castle Arcade box. Thanks to Nathan Strum who did the hard work of designing and testing this over several iterations. He also took these nice photos. :)

A huge thanks goes to AtariAge member crsdawg, who took photos and measurements of his own Star Castle arcade game for us to use.


It did take a few attempts to get the papercraft cabinet right. But it was a fun project to work on.



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The long awaited Zippy is almost here! :D

I'm also really looking forward to Brik and seeing more on the Collector's Edition release of Lady Bug for the 2600. I don't normally go for boxed/collectors variants of games, but Lady Bug in a Coleco shell sounds just way too cool and I'll be interested in seeing what graphical changes were made as well. I won't be able to make it to PRGE this year, but I'll be hoping to pick up all three of the aforementioned games once they hit the AtariAge store. :)

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Star Castle Arcade maintains a high score table for all four game variations, and these scores are saved on the cartridge itself! This is the first Atari 2600 homebrew game we've sold with this capability. The game also retains the last initials used to save a high score (so you don't have to keep entering them), and remembers your color settings (NTSC, PAL, or black and white).

Not the first. Umm, Chetiry (2012) has four game modes and saves separate high score tables for each one as well. :P

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Not the first. Umm, Chetiry (2012) has four game modes and saves separate high score tables for each one as well. :P

You're right--I forgot when writing the news post that Chetiry has a separate chip on the Melody board that stores the high scores. It's the only game that uses this separate EEPROM at the moment. The nice thing about Star Castle Arcade is it does not require the extra chip, and other games should be able to take advantage of the methods developed for Star Castle Arcade to save information as well.



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