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Carrot Kingdom™ - Work in Progress 32K! - New Demo 10-16-2017


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This looks really impressive. This is the first time i've bene on the Aa site for a while and once again i'm blown away by tyhe new slew of awesome indie game sin development. keep up the great work. If you go the cart route please do a pal 60 version, Europe needs some love too.


Thank you for the encouragement! Also apologies for everything for being so quiet, lot of work, busy busy at my day job, but development has just had a nice breakthrough! I am hoping (I keep saying this, but bugs needed squashed and slowing things down) to have the next demo out SOON.


In any case, the main menu has a newly added indicator for PAL and NTSC modes for all of you rad PAL guys, it will be switchable with the TV switch.


I do not want to leave anyone out of enjoying Jinny's adventure. :3


Also working on a lot of polish and quality of life improvements. I think you guys will find the next demo much more familiar and nice to your sensibilities.

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Good news my friends!! A new Carrot Kingdom teaser is here!


I just finished implementing the music player and it turned out nicely! If you look closely you can see a few other teasy changes as well. ;3


I am feeling well, and it is progressing more smoothly than the last few months. :3


Thanks for hanging with me! ❤️




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10 hours ago, Living Room Arcade said:

4 years later


@Jinroh  Wonderful game!  Are there instructions for this game that can be downloaded?  

Glad you are having the fun! :D No specific PDF file, but the basic instruction is on the download page here. Downloads – Carrot Kingdom™



7 hours ago, Bomberman94 said:

… and a PAL release in sight? 😃

Sadly that part got derailed, when I survive the stroke a few years ago.

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On 4/24/2024 at 7:55 AM, r_chase said:

Glad you're still alive and kickin'. I've been a long-time lurker back then and...well...glad this game got finished despite everything that happened.
I'll definitely try this game later.

Thanks. :) I hope you have fun! ❤️

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