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Fun TI things for the morning


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I just got back from my mailbox with two very interesting packages. The first one had something in it that I've been trying to find for nearly 20 years--and both times one has come up for sale during that time period, I was unable to bid for various reasons. I have one now though--a TI-99/2, listed as fully functional. I already have a complete set of Hex-Bus peripherals for my 99/8 and CC-40 equipment, so I even have a ready set of peripherals to test with it. It doesn't have one of the memory expansions that work as a cradle for the bottom of the machine (and these may have never been more than vapor-ware in any event) or any 99/2 cartridges/software, but I have a system with an original power supply, and it is supposed to work (I'll probably do some testing with my youngest later today, as he has REALLY wanted one of these, almost as much as I did).


The other box contained more neat hardware--the first item was pretty well-known, even if it doesn't show up too often. It was one of the Video Controller sidecars. There are a reasonable number of these in circulation (maybe ten or so), so they are an attainable thing if you wait for one long enough.


The other item in the box surprised me when I looked at it. I was expecting a prototype, but the item in the box was a full production version in the original shipping box. That was a pleasant surprise, as I paid a bit more for it than I'd planned to. It is a sidecar PHP2400, p-Code peripheral. This is only the second one of these I've personally seen--and the other one was a prototype. They were listed as available in the TI catalogs back then, but like the Video Controllers, most of them went to schools or businesses--not to regular users. There may be a lot of them sitting in some school district's warehouses somewhere, but this is the first verified production copy in current collector hands (and it anyone else DOES have one of these, please let me know, as it helps to have a good population report)


I'll try and take some pictures and put them up later this weekend. . .this is definitely a happy hobby day!



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Oh, how this makes me feel like I've wasted 20 years of my life having not been collecting TI gear in that time frame... ;)


That's really cool... Christmas in October... :thumbsup:


What hex-bus gear do you have for it? I used a CC-40 every day in High School (I programmed it to do all my physics work, unlike the doctors kids that just bought a cartridge for their HP calcs), and only had the RS232 adapter. Back then I never imagined that was the direction TI was aiming for their whole lineup.



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@MATT, I have almost all of the things designed for the Hex-Bus. They include: Hex-Bus Interface for the 99/4A, Printer-Plotter, 80 Column Printer, Modem, RS-232, Wafertape (one that works and one that doesn't), 5.25 Floppy (one primary and one slave), and a Mechatronic Quick Disk. I also have one of the Michael Becker Floppy Interfaces (he only built two of them). The only one I'm missing is a TI Video Interface for the CC-40.

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This all caused me to buy a CC-40, just cause they are available. I actually brought one of those with me to school everyday my senior year in high school. It was my first mobile device..

Back then I taught it how to do all the hard work for my physics class. I didn't go to any dances :) The fun part was it arrived, and I got to try and explain why I wanted it to my wife...

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The fun part was it arrived, and I got to try and explain why I wanted it to my wife...

Ah! I just had that conversation with my wife, too, only this time, the item in question was a 1981 Schecter Stratocaster. :grin:


We have to explain ourselves a lot. Start wasting time on questions about the vase. Let her explain why it is not practical but serves a purpose anyway. The depth and power of flowers, music, vases, guitars, ... Comment her clothes and buy her some. Listen to what she says. And say that you like this and that on her when she wears it. That this and that goes together well. And also throw in a I don't think that one compliments you. She will start to listen and follow you around like a pet. Which is not what you want. So back to square one.



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