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TI, TI, & TI, actually TI!


Check the following systems you own.  

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  1. 1. CC40

    • CC 40
    • TI-99/2
    • TI-99/4
    • TI-99/4A
    • TI-99/8
    • TI Professional Computer
    • Other
    • None
    • None (Emulation Only)
    • TI-83

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I've got a CC-40, CC-40+, TI-99/2, TI-99/4, TI-99/4A, TI-99/8, TI-99/4P (SNUG SGCPU system), Geneve 9640, Powertran Cortex, Tomy Tutor, Tomy Pyuuta, Tomy Pyuuta Jr., Tomy Pyuuta MkII, and a Marinchip S9900. I've also got almost enough parts to assemble a small TI-990 system. . .

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TI-99/4A, TI-83, and TI-89 here


I seen a old TI calculator at thrift but really don't know why I want it so haven't bought it :P

I wish I had that discipline... I tend to be an impulsive buyer, although mostly with retro stuff, to the great dismay of my wife :) Soooo, in order to even things out, every time I get a package in the mail, she visits her favorite store -TJ Max- and gets something as well. Fair is fair...

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I listed my Tomy things too--they were partly designed by TI. The Powertran Cortex came out of a plan by three TI engineers from the semiconductor division to use available parts to build a computer. Management didn't want to green light the project to avoid divisional infighting, so they got permission to give the design to a computer magazine with no references to the project's origin identified in the documentation.


And I have half a dozen TI calculators too--including a pair of TI 83s from different production eras, Owen. :)

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The video for the 99/2 is output using a purpose-designed TAL (a masked Gate Array).


@Ciro, with the fact that the matrix for the 99/2 keyboard was a membrane, your only recourse may be to look up restoral techniques for membrane keyboards and start experimenting until you succeed in fixing the ones you have. Mine supposedly works, but I haven't tried to test it yet. That experiment will be done later this evening. . .as my youngest really wants to see it working.

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