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Question 1040's and memory upgrades


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Hey ho guys. I recieved a 1040STF with TOS 1.0 a couple of months back. I wanted to upgrade it a bit so I put in an HxC drive that works great. I wanted to ask though about memory slot upgrades. I can open up my machine again, but I don't think I saw any slots that I could remove memory chips from. It is a STF with an old TOS system, so I'm wondering if later versions of the machine came with removable slots if the early ones didn't. Thanks for your help, later.

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Why do you need to upgrade the memory? Very few games that are run from floppy disk will even use more than 1MB. No real need to upgrade the TOS unless you want to use a hard drive- earlier versions have bugs but better software compatability.


The later STE model has removable SIMM memory (usually). To upgrade without a serious amount of soldering you'll need something like a Marpet Xtra RAM board that piggy backs onto the MMU and video shifter.

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Ah, gotcha. I was thinking of doing a video that would cover installing a HxC and popping in new TOS chips. Its only because I haven't seen a video online that depicts it well (both hardware and software). But while I had it open, I figured that I would cover some memory upgrades as well. Just to make it for educational purposes. But when I had mine open, I didn't remember seeing any removable slots. But those came in the STE's, that makes sense. I made a video a year or so ago that instructs how to repair a glitched 520ST (just pop out and in the MMU and GULE chips). After I made it I got posts of people who fixed their ST's. You can see the video here. Just want to make things easy for people. Thanks, later.


Edit: Just one more quick question. Do the 1040 STE's have a builtin modulator (in other words, does the composite cables work with it)? Thanks.

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Marpet will cause issues if you ever decide to fit CPU boosters. I have a lot of info on my site about RAM upgrades. I make a much better plug in one.



Please excuse me because I don't have a lot of knowledge about this stuff. The STE has slots that you can pop out and pop back in. But all the other motherboards have chips on the board. Now you can piggy back the chips to expend your memory, I have a 520 like that. But that includes wires and soldering, which are talents that I don't have. Are your memory upgrade different? Something that you plug in like you can pop out and in a TOS chip? Thanks for helping to clear it up. If it works for everything before STE, then I will make a through educational video. Later.

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