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Linux, Fusion, and the SNES USB controller.


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I am just beginning to familiarize myself with the Sega Genesis game library, using Fusion in Linux and a SNES usb controller!


The first step was figuring out how to map the SNES gamepad to make it functional for the Genesis. I think this works best:


A -- X

B -- A

C -- B

X -- L

Y -- R

Z -- Y

Start -- Start

Mode -- Select


Next step was picking a game that was (arguably) better on the Genesis than on the SNES (which I own) so I picked Adventures of Batman and Robin. The music absolutely rocks in this version.


Ultimately, I plan to pick up a $60 Genesis and an $87 Everdrive MD.


I never owned or played the Genesis back in the day, and I have been caught up with the Super Nintendo for so long.


I think one of the best aspects of the Genesis and Everdrive MD, will be the ability to play Master System games as well.


Having no experience with NES or SMS as a child, I prefer the SMS games to the NES, although picking up a SMS console will be expensive for me.

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