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What game is this..


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My brother bought some time ago several 2600 games, and there was an Unimex cartridge with (for us) an unknown game.

Can someone tell us what game this is?

You are skiing through the woods, at some point you get to shoot animals, Deers at first, Later Bears, Foxes...



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if you are located in the netherlands, then you will find most probably this boxed version of Ski Hunt.


If you click and scroll down to the link, then you can see in the "Relationship Information" by whom and under what different names the PAL version of the game was sold.

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Many thanks for the information, now we can write the game names (Ski Hunt or Mountain Man) on a small piece of paper and keep it with the Unimex cartridge, then we know what we are playing, and not "The Unknown Game!" ;-)

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