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Atari 2800 Japanese book scans

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I'm a collector of '80s Japanese computer and video game magazines and books, and I have a number that feature small pieces on the Atari 2800. I thought I'd post a few of them here, as I finally get around to scanning them.


This one is a simple catalog-style listing of most of the initial 2800 titles, from the book "Terebi Game Daizukan", published August, 1983 by Tokuma Shoten. It covers most of the available consoles and "game pasocoms" of the day, with each system's game lineup receiving brief individual descriptions and basic gameplay tips. One interesting thing about this particular book is that it was designed by most of the same people behind the first real Famicom magazine, "Family Computer Magazine", which launched two years later. After that. Nintendo of America contracted them to design the "Official Nintendo Player's Guide", and then the early issues of Nintendo Power. The stylistic similarities among all of these publications are quite noticeable.


Here's the Atari 2800 section. Please click on the scans for larger images. If anyone would like translations of any of the text, just let me know.











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really cool. Thanks for showing. :thumbsup:

What is, written in the red circle? It is the same at every game.

It would be nice if you could you translate for us a single game, as an example for all?


Sure, no problem. The text in the red circle is "hisshouhou", which basically means "how to win" or "sure way to win". Here's a translation for Space Invaders:


"Space Invaders - 4,900 Yen


The invaders are coming. Can you withstand the terror?!


How to Win - Wait for the last invader to descend to the bottom, then finish it off!!"


Nothing too exciting, I'm afraid. :lol:


The more interesting material in this book comes later on, when they go in-depth on one game for each system (Phoenix for the Atari), along with some fairly insane manga. The one for Pick Axe Pete has to be seen to be believed...

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