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2600 mod/repaint ideas


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I'd like to see someone do some Atari 2600 art/repaint/mods in the style of later consoles and computers, and I'd consider buying them:


Atari 2600 full beige like an 80s beige box. It would be cool if you could ungrill the top and make it more smooth and square and boring.


Atari 2600 repainted grey with NES color/theme and font.


Atari 2600 glossy white like an Xbox 360, perhaps with some added curves.


Atari 2600 Xbox colors, black with greeeen highlights and Xbox font.


Atari 2600 aluminum-like a previous model iPhone.



And I would say that the choice of a Vader, a 4 switch, jr or 6 switch would be up to the modder/artist. Matching controllers would be requisite.



What mods/color schemes would you like to see? Even some photoshop magic would be neat to see!

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I like this idea.....actually working on one right now.



And I disagree that you're "defacing history" such as the mona lisa.....there is only one mona lisa. There are millions of ataris.



have a better deal: go find some sticky wood grain wallpapers and add it to all consoles that you have! Post some pictures, it's gonna be way more fun! Like APV TV FUN!



This isn't a bad idea either..... :grin:

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Actually saw a Light Sixer at our local city museum (Edmond,OK) in a display case. The small exhibit had the classic woody under glass, two CX-40s and the paddles. Also on display were the 9 original games. I light the original scheme. However, the article with the exhibit said Atari produced 30 million of the consoles. With those numbers, a little paint here and there is not going to hurt.

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I'm sure many people cringe at the thought of doing anything but pet and gently lift the switches on their prized forty-year-old VCS heavy sixer! Although painting, dying, or otherwise modding something less popular, valuable, or worship-able, such as the Rainbow JR., a Vader 4-switcher, or basic old 4-switcher (not mine, it's from Sunnyvale thank you very much!!), might be something worth doing!! Here are some examples... (from the endless vacuum of suckage):












..and ,of course, other systems could try to look cool, like the Atari!






Or just be tricked out altogether!








...okay, that last one is subject to opinion.



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You can in fact, dye black plastic another color.. I've dyed a few black ColecoVision controllers different colors.


I used Dupli-Color Vinyl & Fabric spray. It's similar to spray paint but it is a dye. It is extremely durable, embeds itself into the plastic (if prepped properly) and won't chip off. I've used it on white ATV plastics.. I did a complete color change from stock white to dyed black and it held up for years so far. Great product, I highly recommend it but I just wish there were more colors.


VHT is another good brand to use but I haven't tried their dye specifically yet.


BTW, I really like the PS4 with the wood grain, Atari style! :lust:


Anyways, I haven't dyed any console cases yet but I look forward to trying it out one day. ;)

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