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What was the first system you programmed?


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That is, what was the first electronic system you gave a series of instructions to, that it then followed out?


The first one for me was the Big Trak:





Which you could program to go forward or backward, turn, fire its weapon, or, if you had the optional Big Trak Transport, tell it to dump its load.



After that, I believe the next thing was Atari 2600's BASIC Programming (big disappointment!), then a Heathkit computer we had at school (I typed in a Lunar Lander program), and then finally the Atari 400 with Atari BASIC.


How about you?


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sml_gallery_35324_1027_11826.jpgRadio Shack TRS-80 Model I


For me it was the 4K version of the TRS-80 Model I. I was still in junior high school at the time, so whenever my folks went to town I would go into the Radio Shack store and stand in front of that thing for HOURS! It was a lot of fun.


Years later (before I worked for Radio Shack) I went in for some items and was taken by the sales girl, so I banged out a quick program on the Model III they had on display that asked the sales girl out on a date... It worked, we went out for over three years. :)

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For me it was my first home computer, a Commodore VIC-20. The first one in school (after the VIC-20) was a TRS-80 Model III.

Somebody call the police! Bill Loguidice stole my personal history! :D







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Jr. High School: (through 1983)

Commodore PET 2001: We had a bunch of them - https://2warpstoneptune.files.wordpress.com/2013/03/commodore-pet-2001.jpg

Personal - TI-99/4A


High School: (1983-)

Commodore PET 2001

Until '84, when we got all Apple IIc computers, (and I ended up getting one as well)

Personal - Apple IIc


Used the IIc until building my first Intel-386 (around '90)

The IIc is where I taught myself 6502 assembly


BTW, I actually had that Big-Trak as well!

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Not counting the type-in programs on the Commodore 64 back in 83, the first system I actually learned programming on was an Apple II with BASIC in high school. The SuperNES was the new hotness so I was inspired by making shapes scale and rotate on the Apple...very...slowly.

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When I was a kid, I liked to "draw" using the typewriter at my mom's office... my own ASCII art! Then I learned a little about the TELEX machine she had, and started to "save" my artwork in punched paper ribbons, so I could recreate my art later. I don't know if that counts!!!


I started learning BASIC programming in a Sinclair ZX-81 and wrote 2 simple games in about a month. Then I moved to an Atari 800XL and "ported" one of those games :grin:

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