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Intrest Check, Aftermarket NES controller modded to Atari with rapid fire


Would you be interested in a NES to ATARI controller mod with rapid fire  

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  1. 1. Would you be interested in a NES to ATARI controller mod with rapid fire

    • Yes I would be interested and willing to buy
    • Yes I would be interested but not willing to buy
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A while back I made myself an ATARI 2600/7800 gamepad using a new aftermarket NES controller and just hand wired it. Its the typical mod but in addition I added a small micro and wired it to the start and select buttons.


That gave me 4 modes of rapid fire (single shot, 2 per sec, 3 per sec, 4 per sec) independent to each button on the pad, and after showing it to a few people I got two drastically different responses...


1) I would love to have one of those and I bet you could sell them

2) I hate the NES pad, I want my joystick forever, and if you were to sell them I would maybe give (insert lowball amount here)


What I would have to do, but cant afford to sit on if they don't sell is...

  • order a small lot of aftermarket NES controllers off ebay to use the shell, buttons, and pads
  • order a small lot of genesis controller extensions off ebay to use the cord and connector
  • design and have PCB's made (easy enough I do it for work)
  • order batches of parts and program micro's (which the software is written, but due to cost needs to be ported to a smaller model)
  • Assemble PCB's (again easy enough I do it all the time for work and personal projects)
  • remove PCB and wiring and replace with new custom PCB and wiring

Cost to you would be 20$ per unit shipped to anywhere in the Continental United States via first class mail.


Please let me know your thoughts and questions, I am ready to get the ball rolling, just wanting to know if its worth the effort, even if its only 10-20 units and done




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Cool, I just did some gooogling and found an old thread here at AA.

From what people say it sounds like the 7800s 2 button joysticks work perfectly for the 2 button coleco stick :)

I though so but couldn't remember.


Well either way, I would be down for 1 if not 2 of your nes conversions. ;)

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Well the response has been more than I expected currently my project budget only allows me to do them in batches of 10 and course some stuff comes in from china which adds onto lead time


I don't do preorders too much can go wrong so I may have to make a sign up sheet when I'm ready to roll with this

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