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Turban - TUrboBAsic Nifty

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Irgendwer and dmsc work is a milenstone for Turbo-Basic XL developers.


You easily write and edit your program on the PC, you press Control+B, Turban makes an ATR image with all needed files and runs the program with your preferred emulator.



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Does this work on MacOS (with Atari800MacX). I read the manual nut am unclear. Do you consider it unixoid? :)


As far as my limited understanding of MacOS goes it should work. Try it out (there is also a Sublime Text version for MacOS if you consider this).

You only have to build/make the "ATR-Tools" from "HiassofT". If you encounter problems, I'm sure a MacOS native will chime in...

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Thanks, Irgendwer. Though I don't think I have the time or energy to blaze this trail. I'll use it after someone else has gotten it working on the Mac.

Thanks to Irgendwer´s support, it now works fine here on Sierra. If you like, I´ll send you the folders with all needed files, only Sublime you have to install on your own (quite simple to do).


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Just in time for the current "10-liners contest" here an updated version.





- Syntax highlighting updated for directive "$define" in "Sublime Text"
- Improved escaping for the bash script: Paths with spaces are now supported.
- Plain Basic support as the template launches now the emulator(s) with Basic on. (TurboBasic switches Basic off anyway.)


For convenience I add here also an "AUTORUN.SYS" which starts an "AUTORUN.BAS".

Add this to your "DOS.SYS" in your disk's template folder for easy Atari Basic development.


Have fun!



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Btw: many users asked, how to insert the Atari special characters in an editor?


From the documentation of the "TurboBasic XL Parser Tool":


  • Inside strings, special characters can be specified by using a backslash followed by an hexadecimal number in upper-case, (i.e., "\00\A0" produces a string with a "hearth" and an inverse space), this allows editing special characters on any ASCII editor. Note that to force a backslash before a valid hex number, you can use two backslashes (i.e., "123\\456" produces 123\456).

  • There is support for extended strings, with embedded character names. Start the string with [" and end the string with "], and include special characters with {name} or {count*name}, with count a decimal number and name from the list: heart, rbranch, rline, tlcorner, lbranch, blcorner, udiag, ddiag, rtriangle, brblock, ltriangle, trblock, tlblock, tline, bline, blblock, clubs, brcorner, hline, cross, ball, bbar, lline, bbranch, tbranch, lbar, trcorner, esc, up, down, left, right, diamond, spade, vline, clr, del, ins, tbar, rbar, eol, bell.


Edit: See also my post with the picture here (dmsc has modified the names a bit, you may like to update the image and re-post it here for others ;) ): http://atariage.com/forums/topic/238422-my-basic-parsing-and-transformation-tool/?do=findComment&comment=3315432

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