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anyone have a spare 800 keyboard ribbon cable?


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I have a NOS Stackpole keyboard for the Atari 800. The problem is that the ribbon cable (22 lines) and connector that attaches to the motherboard was made of some awful metal that cold works to failure in only a few bends. Keeps making intermittent continuity at various pins. A horrible design to say the least. By chance, does anyone have one of these 22 line spare ribbon cables with the in-line connector. Right now I have a NOS keyboard that is worthless. And by the way, anyone have a spare ATARI 800 door sticker?



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Are you sure it has 22 lines? My junk 800 keyboard (it's a Hi-Tek, so maybe they're different) has 18. If this is what you're looking for, I can help:


You are correct, its 18. The 400 has 22 because it has to have the 4 function keys on the ribbon as well. That is exactly what I need to fix this keyboard. I'll PM you.

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