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Petition for Piggy Bank

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I think that those who would like to buy Piggy Bank and were not able to go to Portland should make their voices heard so that the game is made available for them.

This thread allows the CRAP Games © ® ™ (or BBWW productions) to have a comprehensive list of the interested ones.
I think nobody wants Piggy Bank will become a monster like Blix !!!
If possible, I would like to purchase one, or better yet, two copies of Piggy Bank.
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There will be some availability for this game. People seemed to enjoy playing it at the demo stations and I think it is a fun game. I'm not sure how many will be available. I have a short list from people who contacted me during the rush, confusion, subterfuge and disbelief of the viability of a game developed this quickly. I am grateful for some interest in the game andI look forward to the reviews.


I won't know anything until the middle of next week. It is in the spirit of doing this that we don't want to to be limited to the 31 or 34 sold in several hours at P.R.G.E.!


Please give me time to drive home, see what is left and talk to the team to see if it is worthy of a second small run. As this was developed to make fun of us here on the Intellivision forum of A.A. My goal would be to get it out to our active community first.


This is a goal, not a promise. There are plans to make this game available in the future in some sort of ROM form or package of ROM's.


I'm thrilled that there is an interest in this "challenge" project. I had a lot of fun with this and I think the whole team did as well. We did include a Torch and Pitchfork level so you can storm Castle Woof Woof virtually and on this forum. :-)


Thanks to the team and to YBOT and the Folks at Atari Age for bringing a system to show the demo.

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