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Demon Attack XEGS/800 XL?


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Yes it normally only run on Atari 400/800, But it can run on 800 XL and an XEGS with the use of the translator disc (Xlator). This will emulate the Atari 800 on a 800xl or the XEGS or the Xe computers and then demon attack will run , at least the exe version dont know if this work with a real Cart of Demon Attack. Or a Atarimax flash cartrigde and the setting run win A800 os, this will aslo run Demon Attack on Atari 800xl or the Xegs and the XE computers.



As far as i know the A8 version and A2600 are almost identical.

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The 32-in-1 OS upgrade from Atarimax is yet another solution.

Priced right and easy to install, in a socketed XL at least. Probably the ideal choice for you, as it would make your 800XL compatible with the entire cartridge library.

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Although the A8 version is very close to the 2600 I still prefer the 2600 one, which is normally always the other way around.

I think the "zap-in" sound on the 2600 is more "raw" and impressive.


Most of all though I always found the speed on the 2600 to be a tad faster.


It took me until about a year ago since I got a NTSC 800XL to know that the speed difference is because of the PAL A8s I always used to have.


Even so.....Demon Attack and Atlantis are IMHO just a little bit better on the 2600.


Wished Imagic had done Cosmic Ark on A8 too...

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