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The Houston Arcade Expo is less than a month away! I'll be giving my presentation Saturday November 14th, at 7pm and, as always, I like to revise the presentation with something new.

Last summer I started the series Collect with plans to use it in my presentation at the Classic Game Fest over in Austin. I eventually realized it was too much information for a 1 hour presentation; so instead, I expanded the game's concept and just added a few screenshots to the presentation with the suggestion to check it out on my blog.

For this go around I decided to take the original concept for Collect and strip it down even further - just the player and a box to collect:

When you collect the box it will move to a new location. Since there's no score display, the background will increment to the next color - of course this doesn't work well for PAL Atari's, 4 of the "scores" will be white.

There's no animation in this stripped down version, though I do show how to use the REFP0 register to flip the graphics.

The game is finished; though, I still need to make the source "presentation ready", so today I'm only releasing the ROM:

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