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Programs on oversized boxes


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Hi there


Some programs for the Atari computers line came on oversized boxes, like these ones:




Eastern Front 1941

Robotron 2048

Track & Field






What other titles do you know, that came on these oversized boxes?

Kind regards


Louis BQ

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I've mostly concentrated on getting the large black box versions of everything that came out in them, but of the double-wide large silver boxes, I have:



AtariMusic I

AtariMusic II

Atari Logo

Atari Microsoft BASIC II


Family Finances

The Home Filing Manager


Robotron: 2084


I wasn't aware that Eastern Front and Track & Field had come out in that form factor. (I don't have Track & Field at all for the A8).

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Track and field is small gray box but wide (to fit the controller that came with the game).


I haven't had a chance to catalog these with pictures, but...

If you're looking for Atari Cartridge boxes, then here's the list:

Catalog # Yr Title
RX8021 82 Caverns of Mars (Large Gray Box)
RX8026 83 Dig Dug (Large Gray Box)
RX8029 83 RealSports Football (Large Gray Box)
RX8030 83 E.T. Phone Home! (Large Gray Box)
RX8031 83 Donkey Kong (Large Gray Box)
RX8034 83 Pole Position (Large Gray Box)
RX8040 83 Donkey Kong Jr. (Large Gray Box)
RX8042 83 Tennis (Large Gray Box)
RX8043 83 Ms. Pac-Man (Large Gray Box)
RX8044 87 Joust (Large Gray Box)
RX8045 83 Pengo (Large Gray Box)
RX8048 84 Millipede (Large Gray Box)
RX8049 83 Jungle Hunt (Large Gray Box)
RX8052 87 Moon Patrol (Large Gray Box) ??????
RX8052 83 Moon Patrol (Large Gray Box)
RX8057 82 Typo Attack (by APX) (Large Gray Box)
RX8059 83 Sky Writer (Large Gray Box)
RX8067 84 Final legacy (Large Gray Box)
CXL4027 82 Qix (Large Gray Box)
RX8006 87 Super Breakout (Small Black Box)
RX8008 86 Space Invaders (Small Black Box)
RX8020 87 Centipede (Small Black Box)
RX8024 82 Galaxian (Small Black Box)
RX8025 87 Defender (Small Black Box)
CXL4003 80 Assembler Editor (Large Box Blue)
CXL4007 82 Music composer (Large Box Black)
CXL4008 81 Space Invaders (Large Box Black)
CXL4011 80 Star Raiders (Large Box Black, standard)
CXL4011 80 Star Raiders (Large Box Black, says Star Raider)
CXL4011 86 Star Raiders (Large Box Black, XE Silver label)
CXL4012 81 Missile Command (Large Box Black)
CXL4013 81 Asteroids (Large Box Black)
CXL4015 81 Telelink I (Large Box Black)
CXL4016 81 Telelink II (Large Box Black)
CXL4018 80 Pilot (Large Box Black)
CXL4020 82 Centipede (Large Box Black - Standard)
CXL4022 82 Pac-Man (Large Box Black, 2 versions)
CXL4024 82 Galaxian (Large Box Black)
CXL4025 82 Defender (Large Box Black)
CXL4001 79 Educational system (small box Green)
CXL4002 79 Basic (small box Black)
CXL4004 79 Basketball (small box Black)
CXL4005 80 Video Easel (small box Black)
CXL4006 79 Super Breakout (small box Black, 2 versions)
CXL4006 85 Super Breakout (small box Black, 2 versions)
CXL4008 79 Space Invaders (small box Black)
CXL4009 79 Computer Chess (small box Black)
CXL4010 79 3-D Tic-Tac-Toe (small box Black)
CXL4011 80 Star Raiders (small box Black)
CXL4011 86 Star Raiders (small box Black) - XE Sticker ??
CXL4012 81 Missile Command (small box Black)
CXL4013 81 Asteroids (small box Black)
CXL4020 85 Centipede (small box Black)
CXL4022 82 Pac-Man (small box Black)
CXL4024 82 Galaxian (small box Black)
CXL4024 86 Galaxian (small box Black) - XE Sticker??
CXL4025 82 Defender (small box Black)
CXL4027 82 Qix (small box Black)
RX8033 83 Robotron: 2084 (Large Box Gray, 2 versions)
RX8035 83 Microsoft Basic II (Large Box Gray)
RX8036 84 Atariwriter (Large Box Gray)
RX8039 83 Eastern front (by apx) (Large Box Gray)
RX8054 83 Light Pen (Large Box Gray)
RX8021 87 Caverns of Mars (Small Box Gray)
RX8029 87 RealSports Football (Small Box Gray)
RX8030 86 E.T. Phone Home! (Small Box Gray)
RX8033 87 Robotron: 2084 (Small Box Gray)
RX8036 86 Atariwriter (Small Box Gray)
RX8039 83 Eastern Front (by APX) (Small Box Gray)
RX8040 87 Donkey Kong Jr. (Small Box Gray)
RX8042 87 Tennis (Small Box Gray)
RX8043 87 Ms. Pac-Man (Small Box Gray)
RX8044 87 Joust (Small Box Gray)
RX8045 86 Pengo (Small Box Gray)
RX8048 87 Millipede (Small Box Gray)
RX8049 83 Jungle Hunt (Small Box Gray) ????? Exist??
RX8049 87 Jungle Hunt (Small Box Gray)
RX8052 87 Moon Patrol (Small Box Gray)
RX8067 87 Final legacy (Small Box Gray)
RX8022 80 Pac-man (Small Box Gray)
CXL4019 81 In Store Demonstration (Small Box Gray)
RX8069 82 Track & field (Small Box Gray)
RX8080 85 The Learning Phone (PLATO)
RX8020 86 Centipede (Small Box Gray European)
RX8022 82 Pac-Man (Small Box Gray European)
RX8034 87 Pole Position (Small Box Gray European)
RX8044 83 Joust (Small Box Gray European)
RX8045 83 Pengo (Small Box Gray European)
RX8040 83 Donkey kong jr (Small Box Gray European)
RX8049 83 Jungle hunt (Small Box Gray European)
RX8052 83 Moon patrol (Small Box Gray European)
RX8033 87 Robotron: 2084 (Large Box Gray, European)
XERX8031 88 Donkey Kong (Small XE Box Blue)
XERX8039 88 Eastern Front (by APX) (Small XE Box Blue)
XERX8063 87 Rescue on Fractalus (by Lucasfilm)
XERX8064 87 Ballblazer (by Lucasfilm) (Small XE Box Blue)
XERX8077 87 Battlezone (Small XE Box Blue)
XERX8078 87 Star Raiders II (Small XE Box Blue)
XERX8079 87 Food Fight (Small XE Box Blue)
XERX8081 87 Blue Max (by Synapse) (Small XE Box Blue)
XERX8082 87 Lode Runner (by Broderbund) (Small XE Box Blue)
XERX8083 87 David's Midnight Magic(Broderbund) (Small XE Box Blue)
XERX8084 87 Hardball (by Accolade) (Small XE Box Blue)
XERX8085 87 Fight Night (by Accolade) (Small XE Box Blue)
XERX8086 87 Barnyard Blaster (Small XE Box Blue)
XERX8087 87 Bug Hunt (Small XE Box Blue)
XERX8088 87 Crossbow (Small XE Box Blue)
XERX8089 88 Desert Falcon (Small XE Box Blue)
XERX8090 87 GATO (by Spectrum Holobyte) (Small XE Box Blue)
XERX8091 87 Flight Simulator II (by subLOGIC) (Small XE Box Blue)
XERX8092 87 Archon (by Electronic Arts) (Small XE Box Blue)
XERX8093 87 One-on-One Basketball (Elec. Arts) (Small XE Box Blue)
XERX8095 88 Karateka (by Broderbund) (Small XE Box Blue)
XERX8096 88 Choplifter! (enhanced graphics) (Small XE Box Blue)
XERX8098 88 Summer Games (by Epyx) (Small XE Box Blue)
XERX8099 88 Ace of Aces (by Accolade) (Small XE Box Blue)
XERX8101 88 Dark Chambers (Small XE Box Blue)
XERX8102 88 Crystal Castles (Small XE Box Blue)
XERX8103 88 Mario Bros. (Small XE Box Blue)
XERX8104 88 Crime Buster (Small XE Box Blue)
XERX8108 88 Necromancer (Small XE Box Blue)
XERX8109 88 Airball (Small XE Box Blue)
XERX8113 88 Thunderfox (Small XE Box Blue)
XERX8114 88 Into the Eagle's Nest (by Pandora) (Small XE Box Blue)
CA400201 87 XE Demo Cartridge [4 games]
CB101048 XE / XL Diagnostic Cartridge Rev 3.4
TE15644 82 400 / 800 SALT (Stand Alone Test) 2.05 Dia
83 600 SuperSALT Diag. cart
810/815 Burn-In Disk Test
CB101073 1200XL SuperSALT Diag. cart (w/ kit)
CB101077 600XL/800XL SALT Diagnostic Cartridge
FD100006 810 Diagnostic cartridge
FD100335 83 400/800/XL SuperSALT Diagnostic cart
AED80013 83 AtariLab Temperature Module
AED80014 84 AtariLab Light Module
CXL4001 79 Educational System Master Cartridge
CXL4002 81 BASIC Computing Language [ver. B]
CXL4002 85 BASIC Computing Language [ver. C]
CXL4002 79 BASIC Computing Language [ver. A]
CXL4002 82 BASIC Computing Language [ver. A]
CXL4003 79 Assembler Editor Computing Language
CXL4018 80 Pilot Computing Language
RX8032 83 Atari LOGO Computing Language
79 Editor Assembler ( Rev. A)
RX8053 83 Atariartist
RX8054 84 Atarigraphics
CXL4005 83 Music composer (german version)
CXL4005 82 Music composer (french version)
RXF8036 82 AtariTexte
RXF52001 84 Chiffres et des Lettres, Des
RXF8032 84 Logo (french version)
RXG8032 83 Logo (german version)
RXG8036 83 Atari Schreiber
85 MicroCalc XE version 2.2

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