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Depending on the condition, I'd say you're sitting on the quite the goldmine. :evil:

You know, this is exactly how people who don't know any better get the idea that games like Q*Bert and Pac-Man are worth a goldmine. ;) :P


To the OP: you're looking at a buck or two each, max. Unless you know someone locally who wants them, it's not even worth the bother to try to sell these. Hell, the shipping would cost more than the games.

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I don't know what other people think they are worth...but I own them and I think they are RARE and COLLECTABLE. Here are my prices, because I like money and I want more of it.


Pac Man (condition loose and dirty) $80- Because its old and "vintage"

Q Bert- $125- Who wouldn't want to pay over $100 for this arcade gem

Mr. Do- $A Million Billion dollars- Mr. Do on the 2600, enough said. Priceless.

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I couldn't believe it, but someone actually is trying to sell a sealed Q*Bert for $175.




I can't even begin to imagine what they'd ask for it if they hadn't sat on it before they listed it.

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Here we go again... :ponder:


The OP's first post was cold as ice...


Had he said, "I was at the local Goodwill and found these 3 games in the bottom of a storage bin. Would anyone here happen to know what they're worth? Thank you.", then of course, this thread would have probably had a different outcome.




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Saw $2.99 as the price for Mr. Do's Castle and saw it was based on a completed auction for Colecovision Mr. Do's Castle. (Still a good price though. Congrats to whoever won that.) Aggregates are only as good as the data you plug in, and if there aren't a lot of listings, it's pretty easy for things to get skewed.


A loose Pac-Man is pretty much only valuable as a shell for a homebrew and Q*Bert isn't really any more valuable. Those two games are pretty ubiquitous and every collector out there is going to have at least one copy. The Mr. Do might bring 5-10 dollars loose depending on condition.

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