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Most worthless cartridge?


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Household Budget Management?


Home Financial Decisions?


Personal Real Estate?


Personal Record Keeping?


I need to cannibalize a few of my carts and I would hate to wipe out a cart with some redeeming quality... I am weird like that.


I have multiples of the above carts. Which should be the first to go?

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Speaking strictly from a supply-and-demand point of view... I spent a a few years semi-actively buying and selling gear on Ebay. I listed every variation of every cartridge, no matter how crappy, because SOMEone would eventually come along and buy one to complete their collection.


From the sales data I have, in my own limited business, I can tell you that Household Budget Management and Home Financial Decisions tie for the most worthless. Some of the other utility and productivity carts, like Securities Analysis and Tax/Investment Record Keeping, are uncommon enough that people sometimes would pick them up as collection fillers, and I never accumulated dozens of them in the course of buying up systems.


As for games, The Attack was the one I always ended up with WAY too many of. The good games (Parsec, Munchman, Hunt the Wumpus, etc) are very common, but still sell well because there are always new people finding TI's in the attic or at yard sales and looking for the games they loved as kids.


I always had this pipe dream of doing a series of YouTube videos where I actually tried to use old TI productivity software in real life -- track my budget for a month, write a freelance assignment with TI Writer on a stock TI, go on a diet with Weight Control and Nutrition, etc. That might be fun, but I'll never have that kind of spare time.

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Most useless cart = extended basic :)


XB 2.7 Suite renders the XB cart useless :)


Maybe, but you shouldn't say that about Extended Basic. Not in this way! :) This is Extended Basic!


I'll never forget the sensation of Power, once I plugged it in and played around with its features. This was so much faster, better, everything, than the plain console BASIC.


Until I got Editor/Assembler...


(OK, feelings of a 13 year old boy, long ago ... :-D )

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