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atari2600land's Blog - Mr. Ultra and the flying head of lettuce


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So happy with the things working like they should, I am going back to working on designing images for Mr. Ultra. This one is of the flying enemy type I mentioned in yesterday's blog entry. This is a flying head of lettuce. The wing speed of the animated GIF probably won't be the same, but it gives me a general idea how it will look in the game. I think it's funny how his legs are semi-dangling in the air. He's not quite sure whether to use them or not. I still can't think of a theme for level 5, though, so I can't put the images in the game quite yet. I'd like to at least have a background idea before I put the enemy in, and redesign the enemy's color if needed. Like for example, I would want level 5's colors to not be very green since the enemy is green. It's funny how the 16 colors they give you to work with have no orange. Well, I could use orange, but then I'd have to use a different palette, and I tried using a different palette once trying to insert a carrot enemy and it just about wrecked the graphics. So I guess pumpkins are out as well.

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