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Jaguar HSC Revamped, SEASON 8, ROUND 3


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Jaguar HSC Revamped, SEASON 8, ROUND 3

(Round Over)



Since Atari Karts does not have a time-attack mode, PLEASE follow these instructions carefully:

Select the BEGINNER difficulty.
Select the TEMPEST cup.
Select Bentley Bear as your kart/driver.
Race every course in the cup from start to finish.
WRITE DOWN your times after each race.
Post each of your track times here as your submission. These will be added up in the end. The lower the better!
Because there is a lot of room for error here, screenshots or photos are preferred.Play until you Game Over.

If you are not familiar with the Jaguar HSC general rules and how the scoring system works, please visit this thread here: http://www.atariage....son-5-schedule/. It is recommended that you take a photo of your score, but it is not required. We go on good faith here, so please be honest.. icon_smile.gif

Atari Karts SCORES:
  • masematte - 8'22"30(+10)
  • Isgoed - 8'42"65(+8 )
  • twoquickcapri - 8'45"90(+6)
  • travistouchdown - 9'13"30(+4)
  • mckafka99 - 9'59"15(+2)
  • atariLBC - 10'48"20(+1)
  • Spacey Invader - 10'57"00(+1)

  • Serblander - (+1)

The Current Jaguar HSC Rankings:
  • Isgoed - (24 pts)
  • masematte - (22 pts)
  • travistouchdown - (16 pts)
  • mckafka99 - (12 pts)
  • twoquickcapri - (11 pts)
  • Spacey Invader - (8 pts)
  • atariLBC - (3 pts)
  • Serblander - (3 pts)
  • jblenkle - (2 pts)
  • roadrunner - (2 pts)
  • orpheuswaking - (2 pts)
  • Dan Iacovelli - (1 pts)
  • sh3-rg - (1 pts)
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Okay, I got a little lazy and missed the last few race photos, but I promise my lackluster times are legit. I didn't really have time to get into this one this round. I haven't played this one in a while and while I find the graphics and music to be beautiful the gameplay is a little less compelling..


Race 1- 1:08:30

Race 2- 1:25:95

Race 3- 2:10:45

Race 4- 1:41:30

Race 5- 1:19:90

Race 6- 1:27:40







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  • 4 months later...

As I'm only going for the Participation Point i'll just post the one pic to match, showing that i've completed the Cup (at piss-poor times btw)!



Opps, forgot to add the Lap Times:









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