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new pitfall hack


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Consider it done! I am going to hack the crap out of it with all same changes I have in the Indiana Pitfall v.7. This one will have the timer and two lives. Sound good? I think so! It will tie the 1st and second place winners together for the label and instruction guide contest that is going on. One can be a kids label for v.7..and another for the second title Indiana Pitfall v.8.




Got some work to do now!

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Oops! Sorry, I have played it. The hacking looks good, if a bit disjointed. Its sort of a bizarre blend of Indiana Jones and Pitfall. I think I would like it best if it were one or the other, Indy, or a "enhanced" Pitfall Harry adventure. The blend just seems a bit...off.


I do think the hacking is well done and the game is plenty fun. I just feel the theming is a bit muttled. :) :) :) :) :)

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CONTEST was a bust. I think it did have to do with the theme itself. Its hard to think something up by yourself. Oh well. Glad to just keep playing the hacks. I will put more thought into the next one. Just going to enjoy playing the games for a while




The Troll :|

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Both versions are final....the old indy v.07 and old v.o8 Both renamed


Enhanced Pitfall + Trainer.bin=old indy v.07

Enhanced Pitfall +.bin=old indy v.08


Both together = The first Hack Multi-Cart (sure someone else out there has done it before) that some of us were wondering could it be done?? It can. Thus you get the best of both worlds. That was the gist of my contest back then. Oh well....



Cheers and I hope I answered your question Sir Stan "The Hack" Jr.



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