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Could this be the most awful TI game ever?


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We've had crap game competitions and I never got involved, but this one might have secured a good place. :P


BUTTPLUG.zip <--- .BIN image for cartridges


BUTT99.zip <--- FIAD image (ideal for Classic99 and JS99er)


Try it. You'll cringe.




If you 've got kids watching or a kid downloads it, convince them it's a shuttle-docking game!!! It ain't for kids really.....

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1. Realistic simulation.

2. Smooth action.

3. Hilarious.



1. Better lookin' than any of my games.

2. Feel it's my ass on the line. Edgy, old and gray.

3. Easy winner of any crap contest.


Awarded golden :thumbsdown:

hahaha.... hey thats the 1st golden award i've ever had Karsten :D

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