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Gravity - 5th Pace Abbuc Software Contest 2015

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ok here you go!



Entry for the Abbuc software contest 2015

A new Turbo BASIC game for the Atari XL/XE
by Jason Kendall © Kendallsoft 2015

Music player RMT
Music "brainless 3" by radix/solitude

gravity.tur program game file
grav.hi high score file will be automatically created
rmtmono.ply RMT player
brainl.ssf exported RMT music file


If you want to save the high scores the disk must be write enabled

Instructions: Press Fire! That's it!


More? Ok... Drop your moving blocks onto the highest row of the blocks at the bottom of the screen. Any blocks that miss fall off, and are lost... forever... too dramatic? Yes, as you may get extra blocks for completing a level! If you make it to the top you will reach the next level. If you don't lose any blocks you get a bonus. Every 3rd level there is a bonus game and a chance for some extra points. You are not out if you don't get a bonus. The more blocks you have left the more chances you have on some of the bonus levels.


What a load of blocks!

Have fun


v1.1 Released 25th October 2015: fixed first bonus screen bug with block disappearing and reinstated the colour variations. As it's a basic game, rememeber to hold fire for a second to make sure it registers, a quick press may not be detected. Works on NTSC too but I've not slowed it down, so please let me know if it is too hard ;)


Post your scores for Gravity or any of the games, in the High Score Club's play-every-game-from-2015/ thread :thumbsup:

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heh, i found this game quite familiar ... it's basically same as my Skyscraper project i started 2 years ago .. now I'm in doubt if I should move it forward :-/


Anyway, music is great, i would prefer to listen to it during gameplay.

upd.: Now I know why I like this music... try comparing it to my Roxblox :D

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the local ABBUC group of Frankfurt/Germany played all the contest games 2 weeks ago. We set up 2 systems and played all evening long, discussing and analysing games. this one got good scores, because of its simplicity and its addictiveness.


the bonus levels are a good idea!


:-) well done!

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When I saw the screenshot of this game in the review from atarionline.pl, I thought that it was just a crop from the real screen, just to keep the description of the game in secret to the public and available only to ABBUC members. But no... it used very huge digits for the score!!! :-D




I tried it, and it was hard... I could get to the 1st bonus level at the 3rd try. :-o


I'll try it again later in a real Atari and a joystick.

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Thanks for the comments guys, glad you are liking the game :thumbsup:


Seems easier on with Joystick on the Atari than having to press a key on emulation? Perhaps it's just the brain/muscles reacting - again trained after years of shooting things - mostly Aliens :)


There are a several different bonus screens to keep it interesting, with a bit of practice you should get to level 10 but I'd be suprised if anyone gets much further than that ;)



In the middle of my marathon Ramp Rage assembler programming I took a small break created Gwobby Micro for the 2014 "10 liners contest". I figured I never really did much in Turbo BASIC; Gwobby Strikes Back! was my only TB game, it only used the speed and a few TB commands to save a few bytes to fit more in. So, I thought it would be fun to to something with this idea of the falling blocks. It's suprising how flexible the text command and others are to have something nice looking without a lot of programming. The code is reset and break protected but anyone can load "autorun.bas" from Turbo BASIC and look at the code. The RMT routine (from this forum) and my High Score Table code might be useful to others. If anyone wants to add a title screen/picture send me something suitable - or add it yourself, the code is there waiting :)

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I guess, Vitoco is playing on NTSC, which would make the game somewhat harder?


And yes: Playing on real hardware with a real joystick is much more fun! I love those games, which show that emulation is nice, but never the real thing. ;)

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