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My Interview with:George Allen (Switchblade II, Zool, Venus The Flytap etc)

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This was another of the surplus from ST Gamer Vol 2...
I had no idea who'd reply with what and i wanted to give Greyfox the widest choice to choose from for use with the magazines, so went with the approach i might as well try as many 'voices' as i could.
Anything not used there i could forward to likes of Classic Console Magazine (If they went onto work on console) and/or put up online.
I know the interviews are of interest to a tiny % of a niche subject area, but they are free, so folks can take them or leave them as they see fit.
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Your welcome.


Kind words also appreciated.


With regards to the interviews, other than Lost game Specific one's, i do try and go after the people that made the games i loved, rather than just because they are a 'name', no matter what the system, as it's a chance for myself to say just how much i and others appreciated their work.


So it's great to see fellow fans of the games enjoy the interviews.

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