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Need help with Super Serial jumper block

Sam Bushman

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So I am working on bootstrapping ADP Pro on my Apple 2e. I am trying to use the serial method of bootstrapping. When I attempt to set the baud rate through AppleSoft Basic, I get a syntax error. Because of this, I decided to look at what the current DIP switch settings were on the card (I got the system recently). To my surprise, I found that the jumper block for the card was missing. Instead, a bunch of the pins are just soldered together (picture attached). I have found a couple diagrams of how the jumper block is wired, however I don't know how those diagrams correspond to either "Modem" or "Terminal" mode (they usually just describe how the numbered pins on the jumper block connect to one another). Could someone let me know what mode this card is currently hard wired to? Also, if there is a reasonable way to get a replacement jumper block that would be helpful.


Thanks for your time :)


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Alrighty, so I found some pictures of the jumper block itself and based on those pictures I am going to assume the dot on the top of the block denotes pin 1. Furthermore, I am basing my assumptions on the following diagram:

Apple II Super Serial Card jumper block wiring.

1-+ +-16
| |
2-+ +-15

3-+ +-14
| |
4-+ +-13





Based on these assumptions, pin 1 should be on the opposite side of the block from the arrow's direction (the indicator of the mode the card is configured to). Based on all that, I believe this card is currently hard wired for "terminal" mode.
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Alrighty, so I don't have any change in the attempt to configure the baud rate of the SSC after setting the DIP switches and confirming the card is set to "Terminal". I boot the Apple 2e, press Ctrl + Reset to go to the AppleSoft Basic prompt, press Ctrl+A to bring up the APPLE SSC: prompt, and input 14B. The result is a system beep and ?SYNTAX ERROR. At this point I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Any ideas?


For documentation's sake, the terminal looks like this:




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