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Not super familiar with some of Jeff's games, but this looks to have some pretty interesting gameplay! I like the looks of the challenge of fighting off the enemies once they are on the same level as your lasers. Looked slow paced at first, but seems the action really picks up!

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next we need gridrunner. I like jeffs games. He has some cool stuff

Gridrunner would be a good coding challenge on the Inty. Its a cell based game on the Vic-20 (the best version - evah! :lol:) so it'd translate to the Inty's graphical capabilities. But and its a big BUT, the Inty has 12 cells vertically, compared to the Vic's 23. With half the vertical playfield available, things are going to get interesting. Mind you, it was the same kind of limitations for Hover Bovver and my version plays a close game to the original A8 version.

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