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Raphnet SNES-to-Sega controller adapter and Atari 2600 incompatibilty


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I have purchased a Raphnet SNES-TO-SEGA Genesis controller adapter which uses a circuit to convert one controller type to another, and despite the warnings to not try using this on an Atari system on the Raphnet website I did it. Firstly I will say that it didn't damage my system, the adapter, or the SNES controller. Secondly, there was zero response when I tried it.


I own a Best Electronics "B.E.s Sega Controller to Atari Systems adapter Cable" which puts the +5V from pin 7 over to pin 5 (which is what the Genesis controller truly expects), and I plugged in that adapter between the 2600 and the Raphnet adapter- with, again, zero response.


Raphnet has a writeup on their SNES to Genesis adapter as well as their SNES to Atari adapter (which i don't own). In each of these informative writeups, it is stated that the circuit that's utilized in both types of adapters is one in the same. The only difference is the way the pinouts are wired (and I'm assuming that means +5V power is on pin 5 in the Genesis version and on pin 7 in the Atari version).


But my attempt to convert the SNES-> Genesis Raphnet adapter that I own to Atari with the Best Electronics adapter didnt solve the problem. What is going on here?

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I'm kinda wondering whether the firmware he has within the adapter's chip is checking for hardware of the Sega Genesis (which the 2600/7800 doesn't have), and that prevents it from working.


I contacted him via email with some questions, but got no response... Kinda wondering if anyone here knows him and can establish communication so we can somehow alter the firmware and get this working...

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