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SGG HSC (Racing) Season 1 Trial run: Indy 500


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and only a couple car lengths from 10th lap finish line (back later with the pic & video)


I played this all day today trying for a 10-pt. run! I crashed once in my best run and had more other room for improvement as well.


i think 12 might be possible.



This is why I chose this game as a trial run, we tied in score, but I made it further on lap 6. But we both would be tied under the scoring system


One time this game was played in the 2600 Old HSC & they divided the track up into 4ths for the score. so if you make it into the 2nd quarter lap after finishing 5 laps you'd have 5.25.


by that scoring system roadrunner & jblenkle would have 5, classicgamer 5.5, etc.

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