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8-bit Roklan Prototype's: Lifespan, Star Maze, etc.


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What appears to be a daughter of another seller has stumbled on a extremely rare set of Roklan cartridges.

Titles like Lifespan, Star Maze, etc. All prototypes. (each should be heavier than the production release).

I talked with what I think was the daughter and they say they have no idea where these came from. They had to be owned by a Roklan employee is my guess.


And they're selling them in 2's!






Many more:


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All but Lifespan were released, techincally. But these carts are the early prototypes/samples. They are heavier and have different labels. One of Roklan exec's confirmed.

Lifespan was ready for release, then they destroyed all the copies but it was stated roughly 6-9 escaped.


I have 2 Lifespans, and a couple titles they were going to sell but didn't. And a few of these prototypes.

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