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Lynx HSC 2015-2016 Round 2 Ishido The Way Of Stones


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This months game is Ishido The Way Of Stones

This game has never been played before in the Lynx high score club

post-22103-0-86998600-1446500620_thumb.png post-22103-0-47848000-1446500646_thumb.png

Deadline to post scores is December 1st 2015 12PM EST

Settings - Select Oracle , Oracle - Off , Gender Male Or Female

Lynx high score club record - None yet!

Side challenge -

Name 1 song by The Rolling Stones
1 point per person
You can't use the same song someone else posted

darthkur - Satisfaction +1 point
BadPricey - Street Fighting Man +1 point
StijnDW - You Can't Always Get What You Want +1 point
doctorclu - Paint It Black +1 point
S.BAZ - Wild Horses +1 point

Final High Scores -

1,131 StijnDW +11 points +3 points
1,108 BadPricey +10 points
1,104 darthkur +9 points
1,076 S.BAZ +8 points
55 jblenkle +7 points
49 roadrunner +6 points

Current Season Point Standings -

StijnDW 15
darthkur 10
BadPricey 9
roadrunner 9
jblenkle 7
oyamafamily 1

Link to manual scan kinda hard to read -


Any corrections please post

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Just to make sure : solo play and modern scoring rules?



Yeah, 1 player game select oracle then oracle off, it should show a modern score after the game is over.

This game has never been played in this HSC.

If i'm not scoring it right or if we should use a different game mode let me know :)

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I couldn't think of any good side challenges for this month.

Maybe someone here has a good idea for one? :)



I was thinking of this -


Name a song by The Rolling Stones for 1 bonus point


Ishidó was ported to many different systems. Any one of which is sure to bring "Satisfaction". ;)



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Damn you StijnDW ? what do I have to do to beat you!


I used no real strategy as such. My aim was to get rid of as many tiles as possible not expecting to place them all down. Something happened though when I place one of the tiles down, some kind of combo sound played and gave me 50 points. I couldn't even tell you what I did to get that. I think I'll give it another go and try to do better.


Well done StijnDW ?

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My score should not represent anything special since it was achieved on my 6th attempt or so.
I always try to set up the board so that a stone in the middle is possible but some luck is involved concerning the order the stones are dealt


You can't always get what you want

A serious attempt at this game would involve writing down all the stones already dealt and adapt your strategy accordingly.
But I would not consider that any fun ...

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Well-made game, I'm impressed.
I've been stacking up by color in the corners, trying for combos. To get the four-way combo you have to mix up the colors tho. I'm failing at that so far, but I think that's probably what gave you the 50pts, BadPricey :)

1 placement = 1pt.
2-way connect = 2 pts.
3-way = 4pts.
4-way = ??? (50pts?)

edit: "Wild Horses" keep draggin' me away...

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ok it's definitely placing a stone in the middle of 4 stones that gives you a bunch of points. I've noticed once it gave me 40 pts., once it gave me 80 pts. so there may be something you can do to make that difference.


the 3-way connection I also noticed does this. once I saw it give me 4 pts., once 8 pts.


going for the 4-way combos makes the game a lot more complex. I've gotten so I can make 1 or 2 but haven't succeeded in finishing after that.

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