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So I've had a somewhat bad experience with this seller on the AA Marketplace.




On Sept 27 I found this post in the Marketplace that had been started on the 25th by member Frizo-




I've been looking for a replacement VIC 20 for a while but the shipping costs have kept me away. I thought the $100 that was being asked was a bit too much even for all the literature, 2 games, and box that was included. Other than things like the manual and reference guide I didn't really care about the rest. I did notice he had dropped the price and was selling all things listed as a lot for $250. I was interested in the NES top loader and I do collect SNES systems so I figured I'd purchase -

1 top loader w/3 games (that I already own)

1 SNES w/6 games (2 of which I own)

1 Genesis model 2 w/a Megadrive version of Herzog Zwei (I own the US version but love the game)

1 Radio Shack TV Scoreboard w/light gun

1 Club Nintendo 3Ds case

1 VIC-20 with literature


There are some other games shown in the pics he had posted but he claims those were sold to another member (Final Fantasy, Gyromite, and Dr. Mario) but everything else in the lot worked well.


All-in-all buying the lot seemed like a better alternative. When I asked him why he was selling he said he needed the money for other things like Airsoft and being a college kid it sounded like he was a little low on cash. After some back and forth we came to the agreement of $295 shipped. I also made the mistake of agreeing to the money being gifted through Paypal. It was a bit costly for me and then to pay the extra fees - I thought I was doing us both a favor that way.


By the 28th he messaged me saying all items were shipping in via FedEx in 2 boxes, 1 with the VIC and 1 with everything else but that he didn't have the extra $3 for tracking on the VIC and had sent it SmartPost so it would take longer. On Oct 1 the "everything else" box arrived. On Oct 2nd I messaged him to let him know 1 box had shown up and to inquire about the second (no response). On Oct 4th I messaged him to let him know I'd tested the items in box #1 and the Genesis plug was a little dodgy, if you moved the system the power cut out, and the NES top loader didn't have a power supply but there was an extra Sega branded power supply (I assume he had been using that), also the light gun for the TV Scoreboard didn't seem to be working (still no response).


On Oct 5th I emailed him personally (thefrizox@gmail.com) since he wasn't responding to my messages on AA. He finally replied to me on the 6th saying he would call FedEx and get me an update. On the 17th I emailed him again and he got back to me within 24 hours saying FedEx had told him that it should arrive on the 15th. I responded by telling him I would wait until the weekend and contact him again if it still didn't show. I then contacted him on the 24th and didn't get any response from him. The last email I sent him was on the 29th telling him I had contacted FedEx myself and they claimed he should have gotten a tracking number and that he couldn't have gotten an ETA date without it (i.e. the 15th) and have gotten no response from him since.


While I agree I got something out of the deal and probably the better end of the money I sent, it unfortunately isn't the item that started the whole transaction (the VIC-20) and I can't say for sure if the item was ever sent or if he is just a unknowledgeable seller or what. It doesn't look like he's been on AA since the we settled our transaction so it might have been a last hurrah for him unloading his stuff.

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