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Good News, Bad News


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Good News: Finally got the 5200 up and running, and the unit works great - with a little bit of RF boost on the TV, comes out insanely clear.


Bad News: The joystick needs repair.. unless you guys know of any 5200 games where all you have to do is run right?


Ah well - I got to SEE this collection run for a few minutes, anyway!

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Contact bohoki here and he'll get you a very reasonably-priced pc joystick with PC gameport to 5200 adapter. This opens up lots of possibilties. On games like Defender, Galaxian, Ms. Pac-Man, and Robotron get a PC gameport controller called the Gravis Gamepad Pro and you won't be sorry. Just make sure the switch on it is set for standard PC controller input- not the "GRIP" option.


Use a PC joystick and not the Gravis Gamepad Pro for games that require analog input like Breakout and Missile Command.

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right and down are symptoms of an open circuit or broken wire 9,10,11


you can carefully take it apart or not carefully and break the 2 little nubs on the bottom (not critical for function)


take off the top bezel first and release the flex circuit under the s,p,r buttons


missile command is my go to cart for checking things


also check the jack for missing pins


it should have a row of 8 and a row of 7

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