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Sublime Text syntax highlighting


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My 10yr-old daughter got it in her mind to build a kind of Spider Square for the 2600. So I've been trying to help her with my limited bB knowledge.


To make things easier for her (and me) I put together a rough syntax highlighter for Sublime Text. It's no Visual bB, but it has its upsides, too.


Anyway, while I struggle with what are probably simple things in helping her get this done for a class project, in case any of you find any value in them, here they are.


Importing the theme seems to be these steps (for Sublime Text 2 at least):

1. Locate the Packages directory. On my PC, it is C:\Users\cm\AppData\Roaming\Sublime Text 2\Packages
2. Create a directory with name "Batari-Basic" in the Packages directory
3. Copy the bas.tmLanguage and Basic-Monokai.tmTheme to the new Batari-Basic directory
Then within Sublime, open a bB file and then apply the color scheme from this menu: Preferences ==> Color Scheme ==>Batari Basic ==> Basic-Monokai



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