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I started working on this yesterday. It's an Odyssey 2 game like Turmoil for the Atari 2600. I downloaded and played a little bit of Turmoil for research. I discovered I suck at it. I can only get to wave 2. Anyway, this is what I have so far. A purple bug is patrolling a skeleton rib cage when all of a sudden he finds intruders! Your job is to shoot them. Pressing left on the joystick fires a shot left and pressing right fires one right. You can move your purple bug up and down. The 4 little bugs move randomly. That's all I have so far. What I have planned is adding a score to this game. Also, collision detection. And a life counter. Yes, instead of just one life, you'll get three. If you shoot a bug, the game will wait a few random number of seconds before regenerating a new bug at either end of the bone. This was going to be the My Stomach Hurts game, until I decided upon a suggestion of what to do on that game, that this deserves its own game. What do you think? You can download what I have so far in the thread for this game in the Odyssey 2 section of AtariAge forums. And I'm slowly getting used to the new mouse I got for my birthday. It's wireless. And clean. And groovy.

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