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The OFFICIAL AtariAge SECRET SANTA 2015 Thread


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I was Secret Santa to Chuck D. Head. I hope your enjoying the Lady Bug cart, as well as the candy and SW shirt.


Happy New Year to everyone!

Thanks so much!! I am enjoying the hell out of Ladybug, I have played 4-5 games every day since getting it. As I posted before, I wore the shirt and smuggled ziplock baggies of the candy, when I went to see Star Wars TFA.

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You mentioned you liked Pac-Man and that was literally the only Pac-Man thing I had. I figured even if you couldn't play it (either due to lack of 2600 or the game's inherent awfulness) that you'd be amused by it :)


You were correct! Thanks again for the awesome gifts! Secret Santa was a lot of fun.

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I don't think my secret santa recipient has posted in this thread. The package tracking says it was delivered, though, so hopefully it arrived safely!!



There are still a few recipients who did not post anything ...

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There are still a few recipients who did not post anything ...


Do they even know where this thread is located? For a few, they only knew of this thread via banner on the side and that banner was taken down about the time you finished matching people and sent everyone the addresses.


Since I don't generally visit Event subforum, I didn't know where this thread was hiding at first.

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Regrettably I missed it last year. Is it going to happen again for 2016? ;)

Unequivocally "YES"



I'm sure it will. I participated last year and had a blast! I will organize it myself if nobody does. :)



It's all covered, we will be starting the first week of November.

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