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Bentley Bear's Crystal Quest - Complete Game


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I just recently got a Concerto cartridge (no POKEY yet...got one on order from Best) and attempted to play Bentley Bear's Crystal Quest, but I'm having an odd problem in that the buttons don't seem to do anything.  Without being able to throw rocks, I obviously can't get very far.

Is this a known issue?  Do I possibly have a bad ROM?  Is there an official one out there I should be using?

FWIW, I'm hoping to purchase the actual cartridge in the near future...it's too awesome of a game to not own in its true format.  But for now I'd love to be able to play it on the real hardware via the Concerto if I can.




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13 minutes ago, reverendshoebox said:

but I'm having an odd problem in that the buttons don't seem to do anything.

Be sure to have the difficulty switches set correctly - this is one game where they definitely impact how you choose to play the game.



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